Onix Duo

Onix Duo is formed by Darío Puyuelo Burillo (oboe and English horn) and Ana Mínguez Abad (piano and organ). Born in 2017 with the spirit of making classical music visible, working in a thorough and rigorous way with a wide repertoire, from  Baroque to contemporary music.

The main objective of the duo is to bring classical music to all audiences, performing concerts throughout the national territory, as well as outside Spain, mainly in Germany. In every concert there is a thread running through the repertoire, which connects the different plays of the program and guides the audience along a musical trip.

For Onix Duo, interaction with the public is essential, this is the reason why they always make a small explanation before each of the works they interpret. This little speech fulfills a double function. On the one hand, it disseminates and publicizes fundamental aspects of the repertoire, to facilitate its understanding. On the other, the explanation breaks the barrier that often separates classical music performers from their audience.

Onix Duo has performed oboe and organ concerts mainly in Germany, in the cities of Barsinghausen, Versmold, Münchehagen, Eschwege, Detmold, etc. But also in Caspe and Zaragoza (Spain). The duet has performed oboe and piano concerts too; in Bielefeld, Zaragoza and in the chamber hall of the Orchesterzentrum of Dortmund, among others.